The Health & Safety Handbook is a regularly up to date, person-pleasant A-Z information to office well being and safety. Its aim is to translate complex policy and authorized information into clear, readable language that everybody can understand.ONLY licenced friable asbestos removalists are allowed to take away asbestos fibres which might be fria… Read More

Asbestos fibres, when launched into the air throughout incorrect asbestos handling, may be extraordinarily hazardous. Incorrect handling can happen throughout storage, disposal, demolition and every other building works. Over the last three a long time in Australia, the health hazards related to incorrect asbestos disposal have turn into well-known… Read More

One of the more common types of cancer that you will find in the United States is squamous cell lung cancer. It is concluded that asbestos bodies in sputum and bronchial washing specimens are highly specific markers for past asbestos exposure and reflect the presence of a significant asbestos load within the lungs. When a person breathes high leve… Read More

Just an everyday hose and brush with some detergent - utilizing water prevents launch of fibres into the air. The car cleaner brush/ nozzle combos work nicely.Asbestos also may possess immunosuppressive properties. For example, chrysotile fibres have been shown to depress the in vitro proliferation of phytohemagglutinin-stimulated peripheral blood … Read More

Do you or your organization work with asbestos? If so, it's possible you'll be interested to know that Safe Work Australia have announced that new Work Health and Safety Asbestos Regulations will harmonise Australia's licensing, coaching and competency arrangements for employees concerned in asbestos elimination.However, we do not want to take any … Read More